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USDC Is Considered A Secure Means Of Payment (USDC Analysis) How to buy USDC?

USDC Is Considered A Secure Means Of Payment (USDC Analysis) How to buy USDC?

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly being adopted and are finding their way into daily payments. As one of the largest providers for money transactions, Visa now also accepts payments with the USD Coin. The company is thus expanding its position as an innovator in crypto payments. In the future, further stablecoins are to be supported, the focus here is also on the acceptance of CBDC. In addition, Mastercard had also announced that it would integrate cryptocurrencies into the payment phase. Above all, the regulations and statutory provisions play an important part. Transactions On The Cryptocurrency USD Coin. For many, currencies are particularly considered an investment and asset. However, the use of cryptocurrencies for payment itself is also becoming increasingly important. With the integration of the USD Coin into the Visa platform, the company is now setting another milestone. The transaction of the company is worth billions of dollars. This makes the company one of the leading payment providers and plays an important role in the global transfer. So far, users have only been able to make payments in cryptocurrencies with the Visa platform. With a Visa, customers can use cryptocurrencies to make their daily purchases. However, these previously had to be converted into a currency supported by Visa. This requires more effort and is associated with additional costs. USDC Is Considered A Secure Means Of Payment (USDC Analysis) How to buy USDC?

USDC Is Considered A Secure Means Of Payment (USDC Analysis) How to buy USDC?
USDC Is Considered A Secure Means Of Payment (USDC Analysis) How to buy USDC?

The Cryptocurrency USD Coin Is A Form Of The US Dollar

As a result, the currency is subject to only minor exchange rates and is great as a store of value and means of payment. The dollar plays an important role, especially in countries with a weak national currency. This is accepted worldwide and represents one of the leading key currencies. The crypto form makes access easier and costs less. You don't need an account to use it, but a suitable wallet on your PC. Hardware wallets are suitable for long-term storage, as they ensure greater security.

The Blockchain Represents The Basis Of The USDC

Ethereum is one of the largest blockchains, which currently manages almost 1.5 million transactions per day. It is also considered very secure, which makes it a great platform for decentralized apps and currencies.

In addition, USDC meets the necessary criteria to be considered a secure means of payment in the platform. The coin is issued by the digital venture, which is a cooperation between Coinbase.

All USD Coins Are Covered By Dollars

When a USDC is created, no new money is created; instead, existing money is digitized. The reserves are recorded by the tax authorities. There is also a monthly audit by Thornton one of the largest auditing firms in the world.

So far, the focus has been on well-known stablecoins such as USD Coin. However, these could in the future be replaced by national currencies in crypto style. So far, the Bahamas are considered the first country to use an official CBDC. China is also still in the check phase with its plan of the crypto yuan. 


The high volatility of cryptocurrencies makes them a sought-after strategy of speculation, but it also prevents many investors from participating in the crypto world. Many use cases of cryptocurrencies, therefore, require stablecoins - stable cryptocurrencies whose value is secured by underlying values.

The leading stablecoin Tether has been involved in heated controversy for some time, which is why other providers are trying to meet the market demand for stablecoins. USDCoin has a good chance of overthrowing Tether. It aims to position itself as the first USD-based stablecoin issued by several independent companies.

The Importance Of USD Coin

Unlike the largest USDC competitor, Tether is relying on increased traceability of the assets with which USDC is collateralized. The credibility of the statement is underlined by audits carried out by the global accounting firm Thornton. In these audits, Thornton checks the  money holdings that must be available to secure the USDC. 

How Does USDC Mining Work?

The USD Coin is not mineable but is issued through the so-called proof-of-reserves. USD currency reserves are paid into accounts at regulated institutions. The currency reserves of USD Coin are generally checked and audited by Thornton. The appointment of this well-known company was also used by Coinbase to dispel any doubts regarding the actual existence of a 1: 1 coverage of the coins issued.

USD Coin Future

Basically, it should be said that forecasts about the coin are never 100 % reliable. Cryptocurrencies in themselves are highly volatile and they often depend on the plans behind them and the use of the currency. The regular acceptance of cryptocurrencies are also important. The market is still young and there is no long-term experience.

The so-called stablecoins, which also include USDC, offer more security. Stablecoins are intended to offer investors the chance for fluctuations in the market. Price stability arises from the link to an established asset. USDC is pegged to the dollar. The target value is 1 USDC = 1 dollar.

Many forecasts for the USDC are looking great. In some cases, market values ​​of over 1 dollar per coin are even forecast. However, investors should not rely on this, as the stablecoin is more of a store of value than an investment coin. The high level of transparency and checking of the reserve currency holdings stored as security ensures a high level of trust in the currency as a stablecoin. From our point of view, investors are well advised with the stablecoin if they do not want to bet on high price gains, but on a stable cryptocurrency.

When Is The Right Time To Buy USD Coin?

Because stablecoins like USDC are not a topic to any notable price fluctuations, the time to buy USDC is always right. It makes sense to swap for cryptocurrencies from your own wallet if they are currently in a downward popularity. Even if there is a threat of negative interest rates for investments on the market, buying USD Coin is an option from our point of view. Stablecoin users should definitely watch the market carefully so as not to miss the right time to swap currencies for USDC.

Should You Hold USDC Long Term Or Trade Short Term?

From our point of view, USD Coin is suitable as a long-term store of value and for hedging cryptocurrencies. For investors who want to bring their cryptocurrencies into calm waters in the meantime, USDC is a suitable tool. Due to the stability in relation to the dollar, losses due to exchange rate fluctuations are hardly possible. However, we must warn at this point. Cryptocurrencies are new and nobody can predict in the long term how secure the companies behind the currencies are. We cannot rule out a complete loss. In our opinion, USDC is not suitable for short-term investments. There are no price fluctuations from which profits can be generated.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are highly stable due to being linked to another asset. USD Coin is pegged to the dollar. This means that stablecoins are not suitable for speculation. However, if you want to protect your investments from fluctuations, stablecoins are a good way to classic value storage such as overnight money accounts or the like. When choosing stablecoins, general reviews of the stablecoin are important. Investors should pay close attention to how the company presents itself around the stable coin and how the collateral behind the coin is resolved. The next consideration is on which network the coin should be bought. We definitely recommend a fee comparison, because high fees tend to melt your own USD coin reserves. It is also important to choose a compatible wallet.

In order to store and keep USD Coin, a wallet is required that supports the storage and offers the necessary security against attacks. The passwords and keys should never be passed on and should be stored in such a way that they cannot be lost. Once the private key is lost, the wallet can no longer be accessed. The result is the loss of all coins contained in the wallet.

How to buy USD Coin?

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