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Bithumb Referral Code

Your Bithumb Referral Code: 9gcqat
Bithumb referral codes

Bithumb discount code: 9gcqat

Bithumb is nothing more than by far the largest cryptocurrency platform in South Korea if you compare it to its competitors in terms of volume. Nevertheless, a cyberattack took place recently in which a large number of coins were stolen. Bithumb exchange is managed by a Korean firm known as BTC Korea and whose headquarters are in the capital of the country, namely in Seoul. In our analysis, we dealt extensively with the offer of the cryptocurrency network and particularly checked the security measures, which of course were commented on from numerous sides due to the cyber attack.

In the south region, the Bithumb exchange occupies a great condition, because it controls over 75 % of the complete cryptocurrency market trading. This makes Bithumb exchange one of the top crypto exchanges worldwide. Bithumb exchange is an offer from BTC Korea, a company that is based in Seoul. Despite the size, there is relatively little data about the crypto coin platform, both on the official page and on the regular online websites.

At the beginning of our report, we would like to give you some details as usual about how the registration works. This works very easily with Bithumb exchange because first of all you only have to click the signup button. A small window then opens in which you have to provide some data by default, such as your name, your email and you will also be asked to choose a code. After subsequent acceptance with a link, the registration on the cryptocurrency platform is already complete. From now on you can buy or sell the offered cryptocurrencies.

Trading Platform Of The Bithumb Global Exchange

The first impression of every cryptocurrency platform leaves the company's site or home page, which at Bithumb Global is similar to the trading network that can be used by the customer. First of all, we noticed that the page shows that the focus of the cryptocurrency network is in Asia. Of the six languages ​​on offer in which the trading exchange is available, four languages ​​are located in the Asian continent. The language offer is supplemented by Spanish and English, so that attention is also paid to customers in Europe and the USA.

The page as such is quite clear and is divided into the display of current currency rates and a chart that you can call up for every currency that can be traded with a referral code on Bithumb Global. The lower area of ​​the trading network is then occupied by current or completed buy or sell orders. The company's homepage, therefore, has a typical trading network that the customer should find their way around relatively quickly. The clear navigation also contributes to this, because on the upper side you can choose from various points, such as exchange, customer support, and wallet.

Withdrawals Exclusively In Connection With The Korean Currency

If you did not know that the crypto coin platform Bithumb is a provider from South Korea, you will recognize this at the latest in the area of ​​payment options. Unfortunately, all withdrawals can only be made in connection with the Korean currency, the won. Neither the dollar nor the euro can be used as so-called currency, but only the currency used in this country. Conversely, this means that, for example, as a trader from Europe, you first have to exchange euros for won in order to then withdraw this into your profile at the exchange crypto coin. Only in the second step can you then buy different cryptocurrencies. For this reason, the crypto coin exchange mentions almost 95% of the withdrawal payments only in cryptocurrencies, with which deposits are always free of charge, at least apparently.

Customer Service

As mentioned briefly in a previous part of our review, we have not only had good experiences with Bithumb's customer service. It was not infrequently the case during our analysis that our questions were not answered individually enough. However, we also had contact with employees who gave a better picture in this regard, so that apparently the most important thing is which employee of the crypto exchange you are currently dealing with. The page does not provide any information on how to get there. Therefore, we cannot tell you with certainty within which time the employees can be contacted on a daily basis.

In any case, if you are ready to contact us, we recommend that you use the contact form provided. The exchange was difficult to reach by phone during our report or it sometimes took up to half an hour for someone to answer the other end of the line. Unfortunately, we notice such mediocre availability at not a few exchanges. At Bithumb Global too, the focus of the offer seems to be primarily on enabling trading in cryptocurrencies, while the quality and overall customer provider could still be worked on.

Special Features: Bithumb Referral Codes

In contrast to some crypto platforms, Bithumb Global has two special features to choose from. On the one hand, it is possible for users of the cryptocurrency platform to purchase so-called Bithumb referral codes. These referral codes can be purchased from a low value of 10,000 won or the equivalent of 8-9 dollars. Certainly, the referral codes are not used by too many traders, but at least it is a nice option that will probably also help to make cryptocurrencies as such a little better known. The second specialty is that the exchange provides a so-called menu item. It is primarily a kind of union in which you can talk to other users. In addition, the menu consists of other components, namely: Bitsseom news and data on virtual currencies

Conclusion On The Exchange Bithumb Global

Gaining an overall picture of the Bithumb Global platform was not easy during our report. This was mainly due to the fact that there is little data on the official page so that we could only ask for some information from the customer category, but by no means always received sufficient data there. It is great that, despite the cyberattack, there seem to be no apparent deficiencies in the security network and the crypto coin exchange provides a special trading network. The range of cryptocurrencies is certainly still expandable because so far only six of the well-known cryptocurrencies can be traded. A shortcoming, especially for customers from Europe, will be that neither euros nor dollars are accepted, but the purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies is only possible on the method of the Korean currency won. In our opinion, the quality of customer work could definitely be improved. After all, the Bithumb Global, which is primarily a union, provides an additional tool that is particularly interesting for beginners.

So How Much Does Bithumb Global Charge For Trading?

The exchange claims to have the lowest fees on the crypto market. Bithumb's simple trading fee is 0.15% of the complete amount you trade. Let's say you buy 1000 dollars worth of Litecoin. The fee charged is 0.15% of this amount, ie 1.50. While it can be frustrating for people who like the variety of coins, the Bithumb Global community only likes to support plans it believes to be legitimate. So when new coins are released after their ICO, they may have to wait a long time to be listed on the exchange. However, we can say from past experiences that; the value of coins added to Bithumb Global is increasing!

Who Should Use Bithumb?

If you remember, we mentioned in the previous part of our Bithumb review blog that the network is great for beginners. The website is very comfortable, using easy colors. Trading is succinct as everything is labeled.

The Bithumb Global is also suitable for experienced users! There are many different trading tools you can use, such as chart reports and referral codes. Since Bithumb Global has one of the largest tradings in the world, there is always good liquidity available for those who want to trade large odds. Before investing your hard-earned money in another exchange, it's important to find out how safe they are.

So is Bithumb safe? Cryptocurrency regulation is a little tighter in Korea, so platforms have a responsibility to keep customers' money safe. As you can see from the registration procedure, you have to provide all your individual data. Thus, it is ensured that a profile can be opened for a user. Anonymous trading is also restricted. Moreover, if you remember, you not only provide your mobile number but also confirm it. Bithumb Global also offers 2FA to its users. Every time you log in or withdraw money, you have to enter the referral code to get promotions. The exchange also uses encryption innovation that protects your private data from cyber attackers. Bithumb has good security controls to protect your money. Anonymous profile creation is not allowed. They have a group investigating suspicious activity. While no cryptocurrency platform is 100% secure, Bithumb Global is one of the safest.

Bithumb Discount Codes

Bithumb discount code: 9gcqat

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