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Gate io Referral Code

Your Gate io Referral Code: 3372770
gate io referral codes

Gate io discount code: 3372770 is an American-based exchange platform that offers several current cryptocurrencies for work. Trading takes place in several exchange markets: USDT, ETH for example. When securing transactions, the platform charges an execution fee of 0.2% of the order volume. Trust funds are not supported by the Gate io exchange. The interface of the trading network is translated into other languages too. Regular models of cryptocurrency orders are available to users. Technical tests are carried out through an algorithm of graphics and indicators that allow you to check exchange rate movements and predict changes in rates.

It must be noted that the exchange was hacked in its old days, but the same has never happened since it was renamed. Not much data is available online about the people behind the exchange, nor is user funds insured, and even the Gate io platform is not regulated anyway. Nevertheless, the Gate io platform does very well in the area of ​​security for its users and their funds. There are 2 fa, login verification, additional referral codes on withdrawal, and so on.

No deposit fee and the transaction fee is 0.2% for both takers and makers. There are several ways to get referral codes on the transaction fees, which are explicitly explained on the page. Withdrawal fees depend on the type of crypto withdrawn. The exchanges may not be good for those inexperienced as the layer of the page can be difficult to understand at times.

The official page has many languages. Customer support isn't bad as there are several different ways to get in touch with them. In any case, it is beneficial for users to take these warning signs very carefully before using the exchange.

What Are's Products?

Initial Exchange Offering - The exchange is launching several crypto strategies through its initial platform offering, abbreviated IEO. This enables developers of promising plans to find investors worldwide. The exchange has had several successful IEOs and according to the reports we see the exchange in third place among top IEO networks, just behind Binance. The IEO with the highest return was Gate's KAI, which gave a return of 900%.


With the trading strategy, the exchange makes it possible to follow top traders and have them completely copied. This will immediately ensure that traders get the same returns as expert traders. This feature allows novice traders to make their trades dependent on advanced traders. It is also possible to trade yourself and have people follow you. This will of course depend on your own profitability. People who want to participate themselves can earn up to 5% on the profits of their followers with the referral codes.

Borrow Crypto

For the more conservative approach, by using the lending tool you can lend your cryptocurrency to other users at a certain interest rate. The lending of crypto usually coincides with a lock-up phase where your coins are locked up. The lowest lock-up phase is 10 days. The yields of the lending are considerably low. This is because there is little risk involved, especially when you stay in stablecoins.

How Do I Trade On Gate.Io Exchange?

Trading on the exchange is relatively easy. Do you already have experience with trading on currency exchanges? Then this will show itself. When you are completely new it will take a while to get the hang of it.


Before you can start trading you will need to verify your identity. This is necessary because the exchange has to comply with the know your customer laws. When your verification is done, which usually happens within 1 day, you will receive a confirmation and you are all set to trade on the exchange.


The exchange does not accept any other deposit rules outside of cryptocurrencies. So newcomers will have to find a way to transfer cryptocurrency to the exchange with their referral code. Cryptocurrencies must be purchased through another exchange after which you can send them to your Gate wallet. This is possible, for example, on Bitvavo. Through these ways, you can easily switch from fiat to cryptocurrency. To make deposits, go to your profile and select the cryptocurrency you want to deposit. A location will then appear in your wallet that you can use to forward crypto. In the section below we see how we deposit crypto on the exchange with the referral code.

What Are Gate's Transaction Costs? charges a trading fee of 0.2% on every trade. Holders of a lower Gate io token, their own one, receive a referral code on these transaction costs. As a result, a trading fee of 0.15% will be charged to holders. Withdrawals of cryptocurrency with the system will incur additional costs. How much these costs will be will depend on the platform using these coins. This is different for many cryptocurrencies. When you will deposit crypto to your exchange wallet, the network will not charge any additional fees.

The fact that has been around for 8 years obviously says something. It has been able to stay competitive with the biggest networks over the years. It does this through the technological products that make it easy to trade crypto. The exchange set its goals on offering a diverse increase of cryptocurrencies that can be traded in a reliable and secure manner. Something that works reasonably well in a long time that exists. Still, there are some limitations to the exchange. Such as not buying or selling directly. The novice crypto user may be put off by this. But with a little patience and goodwill, this will turn into a great experience.

Have you already had good experiences with Or would you like some more details? Let us know here where we are ready to help you further.

Spot and Margin Trading Fees

Since you cannot buy bitcoin with a debit card or buy cryptocurrency with Paypal, great rewards(referral codes) are offered by the group. The spot trade is 0.2% for each trade, which gets lower with increasing trading volume.

The Exchange Deposit Fee

It's completely free. There is no transaction fee when depositing money into the exchange.

The Withdrawal Fee

When a user takes a cryptocurrency asset off the exchange, it initiates a regular blockchain platform fee and is immediately adjusted depending on the markets. To find the exchange withdrawal limit, you can enter this code.

Do you all have some of those shiny cryptocurrencies and plan to rebalance your wallet and buy it with that? Go to the exchange and create a profile. If you use this referral code you will get 20% off every commission on your transactions forever.

Despite the required verification, is still an unregulated platform and its situation and obligations for clients are still unclear. It's also worth knowing that while the exchange has no history of hacks, it isn't spotless either. Its predecessor ost about 7,000 BTC a few years ago in a cyber incident. has learned from this and is currently the second most secure platform on the crypto market according to the top 100 exchanges based on its cybersecurity rate.

Deposit and Withdrawals At

The exchange does not accept fiat deposits. If you want to trade, you must first send your cryptocurrency to the exchange. Although depositing from the exchange is free, you will of course pay the platform costs for sending the coin. After going through the first KYC there is a withdrawal limit of 100 coins per day, more than enough for most. As is the case with most pure cryptocurrency exchanges, your withdrawals are processed automatically and the duration usually depends on the speed of the platform. The same goes for deposits.

Security of is well secured. This exchange uses a secure SSL to keep cyber attackers and others out. This way you can keep your crypto coins relatively safe in a wallet on the platform itself. However, a hardware wallet is still the most secure way.

Two-Factor Authentication

You can only log in to your exchange profile with 2FA, which functions as an additional layer of security. This means that after entering your code you will receive a referral code on your device. Only after entering this referral code, you will arrive at the exchange. It is recommended to use a fixed location when you come up with the codes. is a platform with a lot of tools. It may be a bit overwhelming for the novice trader because of the extensive functions. A disadvantage is that it does not support fiat currency, so everything has to be with crypto and you need another extra work to get that crypto or to cash out your profits. The platform is also not officially regulated, so it is not advisable to leave all your crypto coins online at the exchange. Despite having the second-highest safety score.

Gate io Discount Codes

Gate io discount code: 3372770

How to use Gate io Discount Code? Step by step video

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