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How to use referral codes for crypto? (Exchange Referral list)

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

How to use referral codes for crypto? (Exchange Referral code list)

On this page, you will find all referral codes and using methods for all crypto networks. There is a lot of turbulence in the cryptocurrency exchange at the moment. Anyone who has been in the crypto industry for a long time already knows these corrections. For some people, this is rather new which can lead to panic. Here we would like to give you one of the reasons why we and many of our customers and friends still manage to see the whole thing relaxed and serene and even buy some more. In this article, we want to show you where you can buy Bitcoin or Ethereum safely and how it is possible to build constant passive income with referral codes and other cryptocurrencies. We use referral codes, where you can receive at least a guaranteed 5% per year and even up to over 100% interest per year income on your cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, and Litecoin, regardless of market events. Referral codes allow you high returns of up to 100% per year with very low risk! Register now at our platform for free with just a few clicks and secure the welcome bonus with your first deposit. Simply use the referral code (only for a limited time). How to use referral codes for crypto? ( Exchange Referral code list)

How to use referral codes for crypto? ( Exchange Referral list)
How to use referral codes for crypto? ( Exchange Referral list)

Binance referral code:


Gate io referral code:


Mexc referral code:


BitFinex referral code:


BitHumb GLobal referral code:


FTX referral code:


KuCoin referral code:


Hotbit referral code:


Hoo referral code:


Huobi referral code:


Coinbase referral code:

Probit referral code:


How to use the exchange reference code? Video and pictorial narration

Referral Codes For Crypto Projects 

More and more crypto mining strategies are emerging. Here you have the option to mine crypto coins for free using an application on your smartphone or PC. For this, you need a referral code. A well-known example is this network. You cannot begin mining without an invite code. Some exchanges also call their referral code. Huobi is an example of this. Even if the referral code is not a must, it is always advisable to enter it in order not to miss any sign-up extras.

When you become a member, you will be asked to enter your personal data. One of this information stands out as the reference code. Referral codes show who you started using the exchange with. Your referral earns a commission on every trade you make. There are thousands of referral codes on the market. A referral is created for everyone who is a member of the exchange. By using these codes during membership, you can get some advantages. However, the user who gives you the code also earns a certain amount of money. In this respect, it is seen that both sides profit from the transaction. Crypto exchanges offer you many advantages in order to increase the number of users.

Referral code rates are different from each other. In general, there are referrals that provide discounts between 5% and 20%. The highest discount rate it provides is determined as 20%. The discounts provided by reference codes may seem small at first glance. As your transaction on the site increases, you can understand how valuable the discounts are.

When you click on the link, the referral code is entered. You are expected to enter only the requested data completely. In this way, you enter the world of discounted and advantageous crypto exchanges. 

Disclaimer Of Liability 

Recommendation codes are here to provide you with high-quality referral codes. You can also find referral codes or discount bonuses here. Our codes are valuable to you, but we too benefit if you use our referral code. For more details, see the affiliate disclaimer in the privacy policy. Please note that trading in cryptocurrencies involves risks. You cannot hold us responsible for that. 

Enough Time To Gather Experiences, Reviews To Get You Started 

Not only the 25-30 dollar bonus for new customers makes this platform a very interesting product when traveling as well as at home. The high discounts of up to 10% on all tradings are also impressive.  

Receive The Dollar Bonus Amount New Customer Retrospectively 

Anyone who has registered with a referral link or the code in the network application will see the new customer bonus worth 25-30 dollars as a situation in their profile after registration. However, the gift is still blocked and will only be unblocked when a credit card is ordered. 

If no new customer bonus is visible after registration because no recommendation was used for registration, or something did not work as intended, the referral code can also be entered later. Within 5 days of successful registration in the platform application (5 days after successful completion of the know your customer process), the referral code given to you can still be entered in the application settings: (gear wheel on the left above - Recommendation Code. 

The platform credit card is a kind of bank card, or rather a prepaid one, as it is not linked to a bank account. The credit card can currently be topped up free of charge with an account transfer or prepaid option. The deposited dollars are visible in the platform application wallet, as in an e-wallet, on a daily basis and regardless of any cryptocurrencies that may be stored there. Worldwide payments with the debit card are offset against the amount balance without any additional fees (at the attractive bank rate when used in foreign currencies). This applies to online purchases, worldwide payments in shops or dinings as well as cash from operators worldwide. There are different monthly high amounts for free use, depending on the card. The debit card, which is made of a very high-quality composite element, can also be used without contact. That alone makes the debit card from the crypto platform an attractive travel card because juicy foreign currency fees and fees for cash at ATMs abroad are unfortunately common with many prepaid cards. 

Now it gets interesting and now the cryptocurrencies come into play. To start with, new customers will receive a 30 dollar bonus if they register with this recommendation code. The cryptocurrency platform debit card gift is worth 30 USD in the referral code of the crypto program. Depending on the card, the network reimburses users for additional costs and offers discounts of up to 10% on prepaid card payments. 

Crypto transfers the refunds and extras in cryptocurrency tokens (converted to the current value at the time of purchase). In our own experience, this usually happens immediately after paying with the debit card and is immediately visible in the application. Customers of the crypto card are rewarded with coins and familiarized with cryptocurrencies in an uncomplicated way. The crypto debit card cleverly links a typical means of payment with the new world of crypto coins and tokens. With this smart offer, the companies of cryptocurrencies hope to introduce more customers to cryptocurrencies, to make their own crypto exchange more interesting, and also to strengthen the in-house token in the exchanges. 

Cryptocurrencies currently offer 5 different options of prepaid cards in many different colors, including a completely free debit card. The advantages, discounts, and referral codes described are immediately linked to the number of cryptocurrency tokens created. Here you can see an overview of the different cards. The screenshot further down in the text shows some of these options. The prepaid cards become interesting from an investment of 2500 crypto tokens. Cryptocurrency platforms speak of the stake or staking and mean a fixed deposit of 2500 currency units over at least 6 months. 

The cryptocurrencies can be exchanged at their platforms themselves or transferred from another trading network. The prerequisite for the free debit card with many discounts and refunds is the investment of at least 2500 currencies - depending on the course, roughly from a fixed amount of dollars, as of January 2021. This is also officially free of charge but carries the risk of price losses. 

In addition, the referral codes and discounts when using the debit card give you additional cryptocurrencies in the wallet - a buffer for risk protection. However, cryptocurrencies are known for complicated price fluctuations. Pessimists can at least exchange the gifts as well as the discounts and refunds paid out promptly from cryptocurrencies into dollars and other Fiat currencies. Optimists gain experience in the category of cryptocurrencies and have the opportunity of a good return. There are also debit cards with significantly higher currency stake requirements. In addition to the advantages mentioned, these also include the reimbursement of costs for some platforms, as well as a 10% discount. 

Cryptocurrency Ecosystem 

In addition to the attractive debit card, cryptocurrency networks also offer other products such as crypto exchange for trading cryptocurrencies in a special dollar bonus in currencies for new registrations on the platform exchange and crypto earn for investing cryptocurrencies at very considerable interest rates.  

Tips To Get You Started 

According to our own experience with the cryptocurrency applications and the debit cards offered by the networks, this is a very attractive function- a debit card for traveling but also for at home, which actually completely meets all the advertised features so far. 

Referral Codes Top-Up 

Since the referral codes are like debit cards, they must be topped up beforehand. You can top up with a regular account transfer, which appears on your profile after just one day during my check. Transferred around 24 hours. You receive an email confirming that the money had been received. Since the beginning of this year, the receiving account can also be reached by crypto referral codes (the current account is visible in the application) with the real-time exchange. In the case of deposits by real-time transactions, the incoming money is usually booked in the cryptocurrency platform after approximately 1 minute. 

Topping up with a referral code is even faster. The deposited amount is available immediately. Both kinds of top-up are free of charge.

Free of charge at least on the part of the crypto platform, some European banks, for example, charge fees for an outgoing real-time transaction. 

Discount this year - there was a referral code promotion with a higher discount of up to 10% on purchases at certain retailers. These discounts initially only ran until June and were then extended to September this year. There is a 10% discount on purchases and payments by a lot of well-known markets and exchanges. The referral codes are also credited to the account immediately after payment at the current rate as a cryptocurrency. 10% discount is available on all codes except for the agreements, which offer a lower discount rate. 

Cryptocurrency rewards are referral codes that platforms grant on payments with cryptocurrency. There are various possible uses for this, of which, in our own experience, referral codes with a 10% discount are particularly interesting. If you want to get referral codes at a discount, you have to dig a little deeper into the platform of cryptocurrencies. The previously presented advantages of cashback and rebate - discount are immediately possible with a debit card. 

The crypto platforms' rewards are available on payments with the cryptocurrency and referral codes. When trading, the discount is also paid out in the cryptocurrency. In addition to recommendation codes, you can also buy at the crypto platform you are trading.  

Ideas To Get Started - Which Crypto Referral Code Exchange Is Worthwhile For Me? 

Crypto exchanges or other card levels are also free of charge but require a deposit in the form of the cryptocurrency for at least half a year. The cryptocurrency stake increases according to the table above with higher levels and more advantages. In our experience, the most attractive offer is currently the debit card with an exact amount of use, if you weigh the risks and benefits against each other. 

Further Assessments And Experiences With Crypto Exchanges 

In our opinion, the cryptocurrency referral codes serve as an attractive product for entry into the crypto world network. New customers who have not yet had any contact with cryptocurrencies will find it easy to enter the crypto world with an everyday product such as a referral code. Crypto applications are trying to open cryptocurrencies for the mass market. 

Update in 2021 2022 - Currently, the delivery time of the cryptocurrency referral code rates have relaxed significantly. Officially, the delivery time is stated as 24 hours, depending on the conditions. After the referral code has been made in the application for example. According to customer comments and current reports in the expert teams, crypto referral codes currently seem to be meeting this delivery time well. Individual customers only had to wait a few minutes for their referral code. The process of extremely long waiting times for the referral codes from summer to spring 2021, as described in the following section, now seems to have finally come to an end. The introduction of the referral codes in spring 2021 has made the waiting time for the bonus codes even easier. 

Free Upgrade After Trial?

Purely speculative, but also a possible point for referral code recommendation from above. The next higher rate levels of the cryptocurrencies and promotions or other advantages such as a higher cashback of 3% instead of 2%, including all payments, reimbursement of monthly application or entertainment costs per month, and free access to worldwide airport lounges, as well as an interest rate of 15% per year on the cryptocurrency platform in the stake. The required deposits are currently on a specific amount. An amount that we are reluctant to entrust to a company we have only known for a short time. As previously mentioned, customers keep their deposits, but of course, they have no influence on the referral codes of the crypto exchange. 

Inexpensive Entry

It can therefore make sense to start with the referral codes, gain more experience with the cryptocurrency world and the debit card and collect currencies with the help of the cashback and discount functions. The cryptocurrencies collected in this way may eventually be enough for the level upgrade. If the cryptocurrency rate is low, there is correspondingly more codes than cashback and perhaps also chances for cheap acquisitions. The cryptocurrency world could and now it is speculative, as part of exchange when the planned change from referral code solutions to the new exhibitor, even waive the amount upgrade fee as a discount.

There are certain criteria in the crypto referral code question. You can choose the discount amount of the lifetime referral code according to your needs. Then on the screen that opens, the invite now section should be selected.

If the account has an amount for the crypto exchange, Binance for example,, then 10-20% discount can be made. If it is less than the limit, there may be a discount of around 10%. Therefore, even a small amount of cryptocurrency should be kept in the account.

Important Detail About The Reference Code

First of all, you have to enter a code that gives you a 20% discount when you become a member. If you have already fulfilled your authentication, you will not be able to enter the referral code in the future. You can add the referral later if the certification is not complete. 

Easy Entry Into Cryptocurrencies

In addition to the referral codes, the cryptocurrency exchanges are known for their own tokens, which are currently being used to set up a global payment method for cryptocurrencies, as well as for its trading networks for more than 50 cryptocurrencies. Using user-friendly crypto applications and exchange platforms, coins and tokens can be traded easily and in a way that is easy to understand even for beginners. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies is possible with known currencies such as dollars or the called fiat money in the crypto world sector as well as with other cryptocurrencies.

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