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How to use Gate io exchange? Step by step guide

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

How to use Gate io exchange? Step by step guide is probably the earliest crypto exchange platform from China (And USA). This network was revived to a few years ago. Currently, it is unrelated to China and appears to be US-based with a registered place in Virginia. This unlicensed network is believed to be part of Gate  Incorporated. is a technological exchange that also allows cryptocurrencies to be traded with lower trading volumes but high growth opportunities. The user interface is only available in English. If you prefer another user interface, you have to switch to another page. We guide you step by step through the registration at It serves the crypto world with almost 370 markets including large ones like USDT, BTC, and time markets. The team that works behind is not known, and this crypto exchange is not the licensed one either. It is available almost worldwide, with the exception of a few states. Registration: Visit the website and click the signup option in the upper right corner of the home page. Enter your personal data such as username, mail, and a code. Select the region of your choice, check off the User Agreement, and click Next for further instructions. Please note that you will have to create a fund safety code later, which must be different from your login password. After registration, you will receive a generated mail from for confirmation purposes. Click on the confirmation in your mail to complete the registration. How to use Gate io exchange? Step by step guide

How to use Gate io exchange? Step by step guide
How to use Gate io exchange? Step by step guide

How to use the Gate io exchange? Video and pictorial narration

How to use Gate io exchange Step by step guide 1
How to use Gate io exchange Step by step guide 1

How to use Gate io exchange Step by step guide 2
How to use Gate io exchange Step by step guide 2

How to use Gate io exchange Step by step guide 3
How to use Gate io exchange Step by step guide 3


With a verified account, you can make deposits and withdrawals faster and smoother. Most importantly, this will increase the security of your account. Strictly follow the given steps to complete the KYC verification.

Log into your visit the site and click the login button in the top right corner of the home page. Fill in your mail and password and click Login. Verify your account with government-issued identification, driver's license, or ID. It cannot be an expired document, and for clarity, see the sample shown on the side. The name must match the name on the identification presented. The verification process can take anywhere from half an hour to 10 hours. Is User Friendliness 

Yes, we all know how important interface and simplicity are. Almost all users prefer an understandable and easy-to-use the network for such an exchange. So the interface provided by is very easy to navigate. Sometimes the variety of features it offers can make you feel overwhelmed, but they also have their perks.

Users can easily access the various options such as cryptocurrency exchanges, margin trading, lending, borrowing, perpetual trading, financial offers, or wallets overview from the main menu. The search function is used to explore different exchanges, and switching from market to market can be done by simply scrolling. The trading charts are in the middle of the screen, the order book on the right, and placing an order on the bottom screen. The user can choose between a pro and a simple trading view interface. Overall, with so much functionality, the view sometimes seems confusing, but on the good side, it comes with three different night modes for the background.

Margin Trading - This is the platform's risk and reward function, with the help of leverage trading on their trading. Leveraging means that will loan you something to bet more. Let's look at the following example. Let's say a user has 5,000 dollars in his trading account and wagers 200 on BTC. If BTC is up 10% your profit will be 20, but by using 100x leverage your profit can become 2,000 dollars. offers users many chances to collect points that users can exchange to avoid fees. You need to complete tasks such as verifying your data, fiat transactions, and many others. The tasks are divided according to their level of difficulty, including tasks for beginners, tasks for experienced, tasks for trading volume, and tasks for growth. You have to register on the page in order to benefit from this leverage. You can exchange the coins for the following things:

  • To cover spot and contract trading fees.

  • To participate in USDT facilities.

These points are non-transferable and users cannot withdraw them. Users who prefer trading with smartphones can rely on the great application. This exchange went out of their way to make it the best app among users. The application is available for both Android and iOS devices. It has over 50K downloaders with an average rating of 3 out of 5. You can simply download Android and iOS to access the trading from anywhere, anytime. is a worldwide exchange, primarily for experienced traders, but beginners can also use it, but not as friendly. With different cryptocurrencies and markets and different products, it is a strong tool for trading. While it lacks trust and transparency, its story tells us that it is not entirely unreliable. To sum up, it has its advantages and disadvantages, and every trader has its requirement. It is a good exchange, regardless of whether meets your needs or not.

How Can You Properly Upload The Image?

There can be many reasons for this. We'll give you the more general ones. It will only be jpg with a size no larger than four M.B. accepted. If your picture is in the required form then check your name. Check that your name contains a unique character. If so, then delete it and try again.

Safety Of The Platform

Security is another key factor when you have your money on the system. This platform has a 3/3 on security certified, which is very good, where usually exchanges of the same level get a 2/3. The team and staff are public, so trusting the network is another aspect. Regarding regulation, it is accredited by a coin firm, with low risk. When you create an account, you can see that you can use double authentication, which makes it harder to hack into your profile.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Depositing and withdrawing funds from your account is also an important point to keep in mind. At at that time, we haven't been able to find any way to buy with your card or by transferring cryptocurrencies on this network.

So we have to buy the cryptocurrencies on another exchange and deposit them on In this case, we can use Binance, which is very easy to deposit funds and withdraw them from Binance to deposit into the wallet. You can use them to buy and sell what you want within To do this, just go to the deposit of the cryptocurrency you want to move from Binance to the platform and copy the location. Note the platform you are using. In the case of USDT, it is good to use the ​​TRC-20 because it has a low commission. Withdrawing funds works the same with as with all other networks, without any additional fees. Go to the desired cryptocurrency and click on Withdraw. Here you can select your preferred platform depending on the cryptocurrency and payout to your meta mask wallet or to another one.

When Should You Use Gate.Io?

From our point of view, is very interesting when it comes to cryptocurrencies that cannot be found on other main exchanges or to find out about new publications. In the world of cryptocurrencies, it is common for strategies to first appear on this kind of exchange before moving into the top 3, and is one of the first to list cryptocurrencies that are not very well known. So if you want to buy a cryptocurrency that is only listed on or on a few exchanges and not on the main exchanges, this is a great option. You can also see new cryptocurrencies that may have potential before appearing on the exchanges and vote for the new cryptocurrency you want on the system.

We were able to test it and we were pleasantly surprised by it. It offers an easy way of working, credibility, and a very good help to its users if you find yourself in the case that you see any issues. With that in mind, our days using it were good. We recommend looking at it from different angles to see if you had a good experience or if you had any difficulty using the platform. Another intuitive way is to look at the network itself with a small value to see how it's being used and if it's really worth it. In our experience, we have looked at this for a long time and found nothing negative.

The longest bull run to date in the cryptocurrency market came to an almost abrupt end in May after rising for nearly a year. The market crash of May prompted the sector to enforce tighter supervision with tighter controls on the products offered to customers. Many crypto exchanges added new restrictions that focused on lowering the highest leverage users could use on futures contracts and voiding high leverage products, with most opting for ones by a 20 limit leverage.

International regulatory pressures, policy changes, and other bad news came one after the other. Although institutions and users have gotten used to bad news and uncertainty over the years, this time was different. In an effort to forestall regulatory and policy changes, deleveraging of certain products has become the main issue for most crypto exchanges. Regulatory hurdles aside, the exchanges remain very competitive and as a result, relies on its offers to strengthen its competitive advantage over sector peers.

In order to lower the transaction costs of user contracts, has introduced a ladder fee structure for contracts, which aims to lower the single tariff so that regular users can enjoy the lowest transaction fees. has also opened an independent app platform for market customers that can continue to benefit from single-maker fees.

The transaction fees for open-ended contracts from are divided into two categories; Buyers: 0.075%; Manufacturer: 0.025%. Not only can users not pay the fee, they also get the fee back as a reward. So, in general, all users can earn fees and generate income at the same time. On the other hand, the ladder fee structure is far lower than the fees competing networks only offer for high-volume trading, and it is one of the more competitive fee structures in the contract market. It enables users to enjoy a high-quality experience from top exchanges at sector-regular low prices.

Provision Of An Insurance Fund

The contract uses an insurance fund to ensure the smooth closing of contracts with a strong leveling. If the loss of the position exceeds the margin, the insurance fund pays the loss of the situation. The contract insurance fund comes from the sheet funds that arise from the compulsory conclusion of contracts. If the position needs to be closed, the order will be placed at a competitive price to find a match in the industry. If the actual transaction price is better than the bankruptcy price, the balance flows into the insurance fund.

In short, the contract provides the user with an insurance fund, provides the user with compensation for the loss of positions, and realizes a zero allocation. has made the test available in the millions for eligible users to try the network. Users can use these rewards to offset contract and trading fees, losses, and other expenses. Both new and current users can benefit from these rewards which are distributed in the form of USDT or BTC. Users can earn these rewards through certain designated actions on the contract trading.

In order to provide its users with an improved trading experience, has launched a number of user rewards. These activities allow users to earn a wide variety of rewards. This will help users improve their trader skills. Users who participate in these activities have the chance to win great rewards by joining other authorized dealers on the network.

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