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How to get and use a referral code for KuCoin? (Your Code: QBSSS8MK)

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

How to get and use a referral code for KuCoin? (Your Code: QBSSS8MK)

Kucoin is an impressive and reliable exchange, but most of all, it's incredibly easy to use! The exchange has millions of registered users from over 200 countries and has been developed for individuals around the world by providing a user-friendly network for investors to exchange assets and cryptocurrencies. Kucoin quickly became one of the most well-known crypto tradings in the world after it was founded in 2017, and is currently ranked as the top 10 exchange based on liquidity and trading volume of its spot. Suitable for both novice and experienced traders, KuCoin offers their providers through a site or application referral codes that offer a variety of products and advanced trading tools for the most well-known cryptocurrency assets and low-cap altcoins. KuCoin is considered by millions of crypto holders around the world to be one of the best exchanges for trading cryptocurrencies. KuCoin enables to buy their cryptocurrency unlike other exchanges, and they have an extensive list of assets available to them. KuCoin is very useful in listing high-profile post coins ahead of many other exchanges, so there's a better chance of catching that moonshot early! The exchange often offers its users many rewards and incentives, such as bonus codes for holding your token, trade competitions, and giveaways for luxury cars as well as a 40% bonus for trade fees for new registrations. KuCoin has created its own token, KCS. KCS is not required to use the exchange, but the token has additional benefits for the holder as you can earn additional KCS by being rewarded with a portion of the exchange fees in exchange for holding the token. How to get and use a referral code for KuCoin? (Your Code: QBSSS8MK)

How to get and use a referral code for KuCoin? (Your Code: QBSSS8MK)
How to get and use a referral code for KuCoin? (Your Code: QBSSS8MK)

How to use the KuCoin exchange reference code? Video and pictorial narration

How to get and use a referral code for KuCoin 1
How to get and use a referral code for KuCoin 1

How to get and use a referral code for KuCoin 2
How to get and use a referral code for KuCoin 2

KCS Coin Is More Than Just A Trading Opportunity

There are innumerable advantages when users buy Kucoin referral codes. One of them is the discount on trading fees. Users who hold KCS in their wallets can receive a 1 % discount. At least 1,000 KCS must be held in the wallet. The highest discount for trading fees is 30 %. Theoretically, users have to buy at least 30,000 KucoinShares coins and keep them in their wallets.

From a certain number, traders who want to buy the Kucoin receive a discount on trading fees of 10 %. But the coin offers even more possibilities because it also brings a profit-sharing with it.

For example, those who recommend the referral codes to other users receive an additional bonus. This means that the currency has a completely different function than, for example other Altcoins. Users from abroad can also register online which is also shown by the additional design of the page.

Buying Kucoin with codes is not possible for all known exchanges, as it is the KuCoin's own coin. It brings the users numerous advantages because discounts on the trading fees are granted based on the amount in the wallet. In addition, there are other advantages for recommending the exchange.

If you do not want to use the coin in connection with the registration and with the provision of a wallet, you will find further ways to participate in online currencies. On the trading, for example, we provide CFDs on the most important currencies, which can also be traded with a low equity share. You do not need a wallet like the one you buy with Kucoin. Instead, you speculate on a falling and rising price and you can even use the leverage. In addition to crypto CFDs, we also offer other assets to diversify your investment.

KuCoin offers a clean, responsive, and intuitive spot and margin trading for both novice and experienced altcoin traders. Traders must deposit funds into a KuCoin wallet in order to use the trading and once they are funded traders should open the Trade drop-down and select either the exchange spot. This will bring up the live charts which can be viewed as a single chart or if you prefer to be split into a quad display to view different crypto pairs or timeframes.

KuCoin Trading With Referral Codes

The order field at the bottom of the trading screen offers the ability to quickly switch between spot, margin, and futures markets. Each market offers a quick percentage of the order quantity to allow for quick position sizing based on account. There are different order types including market, stop limit and stop market. When you want to place an order, you can simply click on the recent trades window, which will enter the price of the cryptocurrency.

KuCoin Instant Exchange

The KuCoin referral code is QBSSS8MK, for an almost 50% trading fee bonus - use it during registration, and the rules of the platform are explained here!

  • Referral bonus for invited A-Level participants: 20%

  • Referral bonus rate of the invited B-level: 12%

  • Referral bonus for invited C-level participants: 8%

The corresponding referral code is received from the transaction fee every time the invitee completes an order. Every transfer is effective for one year from the first completed order. KuCoin will issue the referral code every day. The referral codes can be saved to your wallet with a simple click.

Trading Pairs

KuCoin currently offers over 200 currency pairs for trading. The goal, however, is to grow these to more than 1,000 crypto pairs. While many exchanges only allow the trading of large coins with one another, KuCoin can do this with a wide range of Altcoins.

KuCoin Offers Surprisingly Low Fees

KuCoin only charges a 0.1% fee per trade. This fee can be reduced again if you hold more than 1,000 pieces of KuCoin’s own coin KCS. If this is the case, you get a discount of 1%, with more than 10,000 KCS 10%, and with more than 30,000 KCS the discount even amounts to 30% on the trading fees. There are, in turn, withdrawal fees that are not charged at other exchanges.

 In addition, sweepstakes and competitions are held on the site from time to time. Winners will then receive cryptocurrencies as a prize. That's unusual. As a result, a person who is not overly interested in the topic described here could possibly ask: What is KuCoin and benefit from the answer as a result.

Voting Procedure For Accepting New Coins

KuCoin involves users in the decision to list new cryptocurrencies on the system. A voting process is used here to estimate the usual demand for a coin. However, the process itself is more than unusual: a customer can vote up to 50 times, with each vote costing 0.5 of their own KCS coin. These measures are supposed to help prevent spam from occurring. In order for a coin to be considered for trading on the KuCoin, at least 10,000 votes are required. However, the coins are not accepted afterward. KuCoin reserves the right to exclude coins where there is suspicion of manipulation in the voting.

On the exchange of KuCoin, customers can trade cryptocurrency anonymously and without an account. KuCoin offers more than 300 currency pairs and 30 currencies. KuCoin reserves the right to interpret the activity. Users hereby agree that the registration on KuCoin and the use of the system is voluntary and was neither forced nor influenced by KuCoin.

Opening and maintaining an account is free of charge. Transactions incur costs. The trading fee is 0.1 %. Withdrawals to another wallet also incur fees. Deposits are only possible with a wallet. Our  KuCoin test shows that customers only need an email and a password to open it. The account must be confirmed with a link. The entire KuCoin page is secured by SSL. In addition, 2FA is mandatory for every account. So far, there has been no regulation of cryptocurrencies by authorities. Customer support can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by message.

Many users want to get into trading in cryptocurrencies but are often unfamiliar with the steps to consider. There are many platforms out there to help you, but making an accurate choice is often difficult. For this reason, the referral code for KuCoin could help you.

Why Choose This Virtual Currency Trading Solution?

Given the news around virtual currencies, it would be a shame to miss out on the profits as they are very interesting in terms of profitability. The network, therefore, offers you a sponsorship offer. In particular, thanks to the code that you can find on the site in question, you have 20% of the transaction costs.

It is relatively easy to use because you have an easy-to-use app. From your smartphone, you can trade various currencies and take into account some winnings. This provides you with relevant markets and investors can choose the products that suit them. With KuCoin, you can use Bitcoin and many cryptocurrencies that haven't seen the crisis in a few months. Thanks to the blockchain, you have all the relevant data to make meaningful investments. The statistics, therefore, deserve your attention because it is not enough just to use the referral code for KuCoin to have money. You also need to choose the right products by purchasing them at a right time. Remember that registering online is very fast and secure and you have all the information to easily trade all currencies.

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