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Benefits of WINk (WIN Analysis) How to buy WINk?

Benefits of WINk (WIN Analysis) How to buy WINk?

The IEOs managed by Binance have so far generated great satisfaction among the issuers of new cryptocurrencies and the first investors without exception. Binance has now announced the seventh IEO this year, the WINk is being offered as a token that focuses on use in online casinos. Once again the time has come: If you want to hope to win an IEO managed by the Binance exchange and make quick profits, you have to hurry. Binance wants to bring WINk worth 5 million dollars to the market at the end of summer and in order to be able to participate, it is necessary to have at least 50 Binance Coins on your Binance account. The previous IEOs were highly profitable for investors, with the recently launched ERD for example, the price after the IEO was 15 times higher than the issue price. The story behind WIN is in a nutshell: Online gambling needs its own crypto currency, whether for gambling, sports betting or e-games. Benefits of WINk (WIN Analysis) How to buy WINk?

Benefits of WINk (WIN Analysis) How to buy WINk?
Benefits of WINk (WIN Analysis) How to buy WINk?

Background to WIN

WINk sees itself as a network that offers games based on DApps. The company initially relied on TRON and cryptocurrency and has already had great success with TRONbet. WINk wants to develop its own games as well as being open to offers from third parties. The native currency for all games at WINk is WIN. WINk advertises with more than 3,000 daily users and daily sales of more than 10 million dollars. 

Binance now offers 50 billion WINs, 5 % of all WINs that could circulate well. In a seed sale that was completed 2 years ago, 15 % of all possible WINs have already been sold and raised 10 million dollars. Now the funding goal is 5 million. Binance has changed its previous lottery platform for IEOs again in smaller options. We summarize:

200,000 winning tickets will be raffled, each entitling the holder to purchase WINs worth 30 dollars.

To participate in the lottery, you must hold at least 50 BNBs with Binance continuously. Binance's daily snapshot does not include BNBs that are reserved for margin trading.

The highest number of tickets allocated for each account is now 25. The number of individual lots depends on the number of BNBs held: 5 lots are available for 50 to 100 BNBs for example.

Is It Worth The Effort To Take Part In The IEO?

At the IEO, only a good 10% of all tickets were winning tickets at the beginning of July. This left many disappointed participants. On the other hand, the owners of winning tickets could look forward to quick profit, the ERD quoted at the beginning of trading  and had previously been awarded for  BNB. The market took up all offered ERD. This continued the success story of IEOs at Binance, which is attracting more and more participants in the  lottery and promising easy profit-taking for winning.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the IEO will also be such a success for WIN. However, there are also few comments in favor of pulling away from the  trend. WINk has already produced flagship DApps for the gambling sector and is a large sector in the online business. The long-term outlook for WIN can hardly be reliably predicted, but in the short term anything but a successful IEO would be an embarrassment for WINk themselves. The BNB has stabilized at around 30 dollars in the past few months and so the problem seems to be on BNB staying seated, if no winning tickets are drawn for you, ultimately manageable. Nevertheless, many see WINk as the weakest IEO at Binance to date. Among other things, not even the team behind WINk is presented in the whitepaper.

Stake Out And Guide Rights

 WINk will  encourage its user base to participate as a player and member. Users will be able to use their WIN tokens to participate in the governance of the WINk system. By promoting an informed and engaged organization, WINk can improve retention rates and ensure the system grows in response to player feedback. 

Reduce Resource Consumption

While the WINk currency will have minimal costs using the infrastructure, high volume players and DApps serving a large user base will still benefit from the maintenance and use of WIN. Maintaining WIN reduces the resource overhead for each transaction.

Unique Opportunities and Experiences

The team at WINk are veterans in the game sectors and know how to generate and create unforgettable gaming experiences. The recent Charity Poker Cup gave users the unique chance to play alongside celebrities. In the future, the WIN token will provide access to similar opportunities that are not available on any other network.

This benefit could come in the form of a discount, better payouts, or an increased mining rate, depending on the development team. As more and more developers step onto the system and build their library of game titles, WIN owners can expect additional benefits that will help their cryptocurrency become more successful.

Wink WIN Capitalization Of $ 25 Million

The gambling market is booming like never before. Can blockchain casinos secure a part of the industry and which plans are currently dominating the gambling industry? A casino coin is a cryptocurrency that has a purpose in the world of gambling. Many of these new coins and tokens are used for games of chance in casinos, sports betting or in related areas. What is revolutionary about these new cryptocurrencies is that many are enabling players to play decentralized games of chance for the first time.

Blockchain is used for this, casino users can check the fairness of the individual games with the help of the blockchain. In addition, there are dividend tokens that allow players to become owners of a casino network themselves. This makes it possible to participate in the profits of a casino by investing in their cryptocurrency. Thus it is possible that a large number of players can process in crypto casinos without overloading the system. Plus, players don't have to pay overpriced transaction fees either.

Probably the well known and to date also the largest crypto gambling is wink. The casino was founded a few years ago under the name Tronbet and then renamed Wink. This was followed by a successful token sale with the Binance. Since then, WIN has been listed on Binance and a variety of other exchanges.

The Tron-dApp recorded the largest transaction in the entire space. At Wink it is already possible to play various games of chance with some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including BNB. The established stable coin tether is also supported. In addition, it should be possible to play with more than 100 other cryptocurrencies in the future. The token WIN can only be obtained with crypto exchanges and cannot be earned. Through the so-called freezing of the WIN token, owners receive a share of the gambling profit and the dividend is paid out every 24 hours. The dividend is currently distributed in TRX, and USDT. In addition, the system rewards players with various tokens for playing on the casino. These tokens can be exchanged for money or other cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies that have been specially developed for the gaming industry currently have a complete value of more than 150 million dollars. Previous research on the network indicates that casinos have more than 30,000 customers each week. But cryptocurrencies should also be of interest to the rest of the online casino sector. According to official data from the Wink team, a poker tournament will take place at the end of this year, in which some familiar faces from the crypto space will take part.

WINkLink Taxes In The Tax Return

Realized profits from trading with WINkLink, other cryptocurrencies and sales transactions together must be declared independently in the tax return from an exemption. WINkLink and other crypto currencies are not recognized as tenders in Europe, which is why trading, selling, exchanging and issuing WINkLink are classified as private sales. When calculating the taxable income, it is important to pay attention to many features such as accounting, the correct market values with their evidence.

How to buy WINk?

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