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How to get and use a referral code for FTX? (Your Code: 33047716)

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

How to get and use a referral code for FTX? (Your Code: 33047716)

FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange that specializes in derivatives, but you can also trade the main cryptocurrencies on FTX just like any other exchange. In addition, you can trade opportunities, leveraged tokens, and futures. Since its inception in 2019, FTX has grown strongly and strives to be both user-friendly for beginners and to offer enough additional offers and options for experienced day traders. FTX's leverage tokens are created to provide users with a clean, automated way to leverage. FTT is the FTX utility. FTT holders reportedly receive benefits such as weekly purchase and burning of fees, lower FTX trading fees, OTC discounts for futures trading, and socialized profits from the insurance fund. How to get and use a referral code for FTX? (Your Code: 33047716)

How Does The FTX Referral Code Work?

To redeem the FTX referral code and receive your 5% permanent discount, all you have to do is create a profile using the referral code. The transfer is then immediately filled in with the given code. This is not the case? Then enter the referral code yourself. The sign-up extra is linked to your account.

How to get and use a referral code for FTX? (Your Code: 33047716)
How to get and use a referral code for FTX? (Your Code: 33047716)

How to use the FTX exchange reference code? Video and pictorial narration

How to get and use a referral code for FTX (Your Code 33047716) 1
How to get and use a referral code for FTX (Your Code 33047716) 1

How to get and use a referral code for FTX (Your Code 33047716) 2
How to get and use a referral code for FTX (Your Code 33047716) 2

Can I Invite Friends With The FTX Affiliate Platform?

Yes, but you must have an FTX account first. If you have an account, click your profile name, then click references. Here you can find your individual recommendation URL.

How Much Commission Do I Get With My Referral Code?

When users sign up with your referral code, they receive 25 % of their trading fee and receive a 5 % discount on all their transactions. You can increase this amount by using a large number of FTTs

As one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges, FTX focuses on derivatives and leveraged transactions and uses borrowed cash to expand the transactions. After gaining a sizable stake in the cryptocurrency world, it also competes with companies like Binance for example. FTX CEO mentioned this in an announcement recently. “The idea that we started FTX two years ago is to create a better crypto market. Today we are focused on making FTX a trustworthy and technological exchange through regular contact with regulators around the world and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products for crypto asset investors. In this round, we took advantage of these advances and were able to work with investors who prioritized FTX as the most transparent and compliant cryptocurrency exchange in the world. "

The participants in the fundraiser also commented on the news. The general partner praised the cryptocurrency exchange and its founders.“Bankman is a special founder. He is ambitious and has enough courage to shape the future of the economy by establishing FTX as the international exchange offering the greatest overall product and using the worldwide cryptocurrency path to build the future of finance. We are very excited to be working with FTX for the next period of growth. "Some cryptocurrency supporters also responded positively to the news and shared their views on social media.

Cryptocurrency Funding Rounds Are Becoming More Common

In 2021, venture funding from cryptocurrency and blockchain companies broke previous records. This year blockchain companies raised more than 7 billion, more than any year in history.

Consumer and institutional demand for cryptocurrencies are driving large investments by companies focused on exchanges, enterprise apps, cryptocurrency wallets, and custody offers. This enables institutions to act as angel investors in these cryptocurrency companies and to provide the necessary funds for their expansion and the development of new products through several economic rounds.

Prior to the FTX announcement, there were reports that it was a blockchain software firm building on and investing in Ethereum based plans. It hoped to raise 250 million dollars through a round of funding. The company's valuation was approximately 3 billion. Another investment firm with a blockchain advisory division announced a 150 million financing a few days ago. Previously, the company had raised 35 million dollars in funding, totaling more than 70 million.

The Increasing Legitimacy Is Leading Investors To Turn To Cryptocurrencies

Institutional investors are turning to cryptocurrencies as the growing market now offers several more suitable investment opportunities such as ETFs. More and more banks are offering cryptocurrency custody bonuses and more and more institutions are supporting the cryptocurrency infrastructure, which is also reflected in this growing interest.

FTX Bonus And Referral Code To Earn 5%

 You can also earn up to 25% by inviting your friends afterward. FTX reference code-In contrast to BitMEX, there are no discounts for manufacturers of FTX. There is a trading fee for both manufacturers and buyers, and the percentage fee depends on your 30-day trading volume. They offer a tiered fee structure for both futures and spot exchanges. You can see the complete trading fee details on the page.

Now by registering with the FTX reference code you can save an additional 5% on your trading fees. To get this discount; Register with FTX using this code. The referral code discount will be applied immediately and you should be able to verify this on the registration form.

FTX offers a wide range of new products such as derivatives, opportunities, leveraged tokens, and volatility products. Not only is this network easy to use, but it also provides a fairer and faster trading environment. There is no overload or downtime. Plus, they offer 24/7 support to ensure the most perfect trading experience.

Is It Safe?

First of all, the security of your account depends on your profile security. When you have completed your account registration, make sure that 2FA is activated for your FTX profile, which you can find under account security.

FTX is safe, legitimate, and currently one of the sector's highest liquidity exchanges. They have worked with sector-leading cryptocurrency companies. Since the start, they have also expanded their network and established a unique identity in the crypto world. When it comes to security; So far, FTX has had an excellent record. With this in mind, keep in mind that exchanges are inherently vulnerable to cyber attacks. Hence, it is very important to diversify your trading networks. In addition to FTX, you can also trade BitMEX, and Binance futures.

Earn With The FTX Referral Code

In addition to trading, you can also earn incentives by sharing your FTX referral code. Users who register through your referral code are granted a lifetime discount of 5%. You will also receive a 30% win on trading fees. So what are you waiting for? Join FTX and get your unique partner code.

To get your referral code, please drop your account and go to the “Referrals” section. You can either use the code provided or create your own custom channel. Share the link with your friends and family to start making money. The discounts earned will be shown under your account. Hope that helps. Disclaimer: This post does not contain any financial or commercial advice. Remember that leverage trading can be risky and is only recommended for experts. In the event of liquidation, you could lose all of your profile balance. If you don't know what you are doing, we do not recommend using this page. In a moment, we will be creating a complete beginner's guide and overview of FTX cryptocurrency exchanges. Until then, act safely.

FTX products and functions

The FTX exchange aims to simplify rather complicated trading tools, such as derivatives, a little. The most important functions of FTX include:

Fiat goes through the credit or debit card.50x, 100x levers, all of which must be selected on the settings page.

Easy Conversion and Billing Of Stable Coins With One Margin Wallet

Institutional Level providers: FTX offers high levels of liquidity, unlimited withdrawals, settlement funds, and an OTC window. Extensive customer support and lots of resources for navigating the network. The newsgroups are also available in multiple languages; tokens that allow users to have leveraged exposure to the cryptocurrency market without actually managing a leveraged situation. The network sets 10x leverage as the default for users interested in leveraged trading and allows for expansion to 100x. These fall into three different categories.

  • Contracts: Trading based on the price movement of cryptocurrencies where only a small amount is risked.

  • Markets Spot - The ability to buy and exchange cryptocurrencies on the market using known systems with appropriate orders.

  • Predictive Markets - Trade in regular ways but trade by predicting the outcome of an event. For example, you could win and the contract would be settled at 100% or you would lose and the value would decrease to 0%.

FTX Is It Worth It?

FTX is gradually becoming a bridge between advanced business tools and a group of beginners. However, for beginners, it is not as easy to use as expected - these features are still incredibly complicated and users should have an advanced understanding of how to use them. Leveraged trading and opportunities, for example, are incredibly risky, which makes an already volatile asset level like cryptocurrency even riskier.

The FTT token is also a unique feature that shouldn't be overlooked - consider the growth BNB has seen with the Binance exchange. The exchange lists many DeFi tokens, but the American version is still a bit limited for those looking to expose themselves to the darker tokens in the DeFi platform.

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